Assignment 7

Assignment 7 - Assignment 7 Spanking is a difficult and...

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Assignment 7 - 1 - Spanking is a difficult and relatively uncomfortable topic for me, although I am not sure why. Although I do not disagree with spanking children per se, I have very strong opinions about when, where, and how it should be done. I was not raised with such clear cut lines, nor were these opinions instilled in me by my parents. I am a bit puzzled as to where these extremely strong feelings come from, however they are there, and they make discussing spanking children extremely uncomfortable for me. As a child, I was spanked, but only rarely. This is due in part to my relatively understanding, warm, and even tempered parents, but also because of the goodness of fit between my parents and I, and thirdly because I was a relatively well behaved child. I can only remember two specific instances where I was spanked. I don’t remember what the first one was for, I was too young. But I remember the second time. My family was getting ready to go to church, and I refused to wear the dress my mom picked out for me. Earlier in the week we had been talking about clothes, and she told me that children’s clothing that came in half sizes tended to be for “bigger children” meaning children who were obese. Although I was not obese as a child, the dress she picked out for me
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Assignment 7 - Assignment 7 Spanking is a difficult and...

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