2.7.06 - VIS 22 2/7/2006 Everything up to Courbet is fair...

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VIS 22 2/7/2006 Everything up to Courbet is fair game for the exam, not impressionism BRING ONE BLUE BOOK FOR EXAM 858.822.0208, if artstor isn’t working, call viki Know the name, date, and title of the painting In essay questions its ok to use an abbreviated reference to the painting The arts and crafts movement in conjuction with William Morris, 2 dimensions 1)create a market for these lesser arts, to train workers in the skills of these lesser arts, to create a culture around these lesser arts, 2) to organize politically in order to give a greater political power to the English working class, so they can have impact on laws and legislation and gain seats in parliament, the labor party, Morris was a socialist, Political and cultural work are connected. Built in contradictions in the goal of the artist and what actually occurs. Realism – Gustave Courbet (the stone breakers, 1849) is a good symbol for realism. Raised in the Ornans region of France, in the countryside populated by yeoman farmers. Thinly veiled assault on the upper class in Paris, turning toward the countryside and folk culture by Courbet, withdrawl and repulsion against the hypercivilized cosmopolitan culture of the city, retreat from reality (peasants of Flagey returning from the fair) Hierarchical painting was the norm, but there was shock in the counter-genre of Courbet, and in turn Courbet was ridiculed for his style, people believed the function of art is to beautify and idealize. The meeting (Bonjour Monsieur Courbet) free to wander the countryside his pallet in tow
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2.7.06 - VIS 22 2/7/2006 Everything up to Courbet is fair...

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