1.26.06 - academic system Oil Paintings and Water Colors He...

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VIS 22 – 1-26-06 Romantics/Napoleonic Era/Onto Modernism - Goya, Francisco 1746-1828 Series of Caprichos – The caprices Title: (Executions of the) Third of May, 1808, in Madrid: The shootings on … (marks on the hand – quasi-religious, lantern has been brought out to aim weapons) Light/illumination in the paintings (center of light in enlightenment) Disasters of War – documents the atrocities of the guerilla war. (One cannot look) Murders, decapitations, cut-off limbs, executions, rape… -truth has died -will truth rise again Shift to latter part of Goya’s career. (Goes deaf) (paintings) -Madhouse -Yard with lunatics -Interior of a prison -Prison Scene -Auto de fe of the inquisition (A little later) -Cannibals Contemplating Human Remains (new series found in his home) The Black Paintings - irrationality and superstition -Witches’ Sabbath - William Blake 1757 - 1827 - English painter, began as a printmaker, critical of
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Unformatted text preview: academic system.- Oil Paintings and Water Colors He believed that there was no difference between man and woman. A lot of his work is in the form of books, he would write the books, produce the water colors were all him. Controlled everything in the books he made. He neglected mainstream. Earlier work tends to be religious. The Arts and Crafts Movement William Morris – Mid 19 th century England Factories changed how people worked, how they experienced labor. Gradually work becomes unrewarding and lack of creativity. Morris responded to robbing of the birthright of intellectual job… founded sot party. Participated in protests… Desired to find lost arts (crafts – stained glass windows, textile design, books, woodwork, etc.) (Arts reject demand to use it for just one purpose) wanted to develop a training program which leads to outpouring of well-crafted things....
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1.26.06 - academic system Oil Paintings and Water Colors He...

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