love-hate relationship

love-hate relationship - Alea Roach DOC3 CO6 Me, DOC, and...

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Alea Roach DOC3 CO6 Me, DOC, and Our Love-Hate Relationship Contrary to most students’ feelings here at Marshall College, DOC has not been the bane of my existence as a first year. Of course at times I have hated DOC, missed more than the allocated 5 classes, and even wanted to punch my professor in the mouth just to get him to be quiet. However, overall my experience with DOC has been a positive one. DOC has taught me so much more than what it was intended to teach me, and sometimes, even the opposite of what it was supposed to teach me. Nonetheless, I learned a great deal and enjoyed the class for its challenging writing assignments, community building among Marshall students, and the ever present, underlying liberal agenda, which made the class more entertaining than educational. Here is a summary of my experience with DOC, beginning with DOC 1. The title of DOC 1 is “Diversity.” Wow, there’s a conundrum for ya. How anyone can take this class seriously with a name like that is beyond me, but believe me, I did my best. My professor was Mary Blair-Loy. She was great. Nice, easy to follow, engaging, everything a great professor should be. However, the reader was another story, 54 of them in fact. Okay, well maybe not stories per se, but then, on second thought, most of them were. We read and analyzed peoples’ politically and ideologically driven opinions and stories about race and ethnicity, class struggles, gender, sexuality, labor struggles, and putting knowledge to action. All of these topics were very interesting, and we learned about diversity within these topics. However, we did not learn about the diversity of opinion with respect to these topics. In the DOC 1 reader, there were 54 readings. Many of them were so obscure that they could not even be loosely associated with any mainstream political group or ideology. However, when I counted, and please correct me if I am wrong, there were three readings that accurately convey
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love-hate relationship - Alea Roach DOC3 CO6 Me, DOC, and...

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