London Terror Attacks

London Terror Attacks - Is That the Only Way You Can Get...

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Is That the Only Way You Can Get Action? Alea Roach On Thursday July 7 th , 2005, 700 Londoners were injured and 52 more were murdered in cold blood. Like those murdered in the attacks on the US on 9/11, these people were not murdered for anything they did or said, or even anything within their control. They were murdered for their country, or rather, the system of government associated with the country in which they lived. When it comes right down to it, they were murdered because four horny Muslim extremists believed that killing innocent people would earn them Allah’s approval and an eternity spent in their version of heaven, which includes seventy of their very own virgins. Unfortunately, these four men were dead wrong. Or should I say dead and wrong? When they get to the pit of hell, it’s doubtful that even one virgin will await them, and according to mainstream Muslim beliefs, Allah won’t be pleased with them either. The attacks were perpetrated by four men, three of whom were born in London and the other was born in Jamaica. All four of the men grew up in London. They lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the exception of one who lived in Aylesbury. Since the attacks, it has been confirmed that 3 of the men had visited Pakistan within the past two years, two of them traveled there together, and all four of them were in fact Muslims. Go figure. The attacks included four explosions, three of which were in the underground subway system, and one on a double-decker
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London Terror Attacks - Is That the Only Way You Can Get...

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