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Assignment 2 Risk

Assignment 2 Risk - Assignment 2 Risk Danielle is a 12 year...

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Assignment 2 – Risk - 1 - Danielle is a 12 year old girl who lives in Minnesota. She is in the middle of her 6 th grade year at a public school in Minnesota. Her family is from a low socioeconomic background. Although her family is intact, the relationships and family dynamic in her house are strained. Her parents fight a lot, and her siblings constantly annoy and make fun of her. Her school is a bit rundown, but she doesn’t care about school anyways. Her grades leave much to be desired, and she has few friends. Of the friends she does have, many are delinquents, and those who are not delinquents are mischievous and at times, malicious. She does not have any extended family in close proximity to where she lives, with the exception of a grandmother, with whom she has no contact. Danielle has ADHD, which has worsened as she has gotten older. Her temperament is uneven and at times volatile. She has an inclination toward depression, but has not been treated or even seen by a doctor because of her family’s inability to pay for healthcare. She is not involved in any extracurricular activities. Although she is not unhappy, she believes her life is difficult and wishes it was different, but she doesn’t know how to change it. In the middle of December of her 6 th grade year, Danielle’s parents decide that the job offer her father received from a company in San Francisco would be a good opportunity for the family, so her parents decide to pack Danielle, her younger brother, and her younger sister up and move the family to California. Danielle was completely devastated. She begged her parents not to make her move, but her protests and pleas were futile. Danielle was so angry at her parents for ruining her life, she promised herself she would move back to Minnesota as soon as she possibly could. She would probably never get to see her friends again. The only good thing about moving to California was that her parents bribed her and her siblings with the promise that whatever house they
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Assignment 2 – Risk - 2 - move to when they get to California, it would have a pool. However, Danielle felt that
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Assignment 2 Risk - Assignment 2 Risk Danielle is a 12 year...

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