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Assignment 6 - Assignment 6-1There are many risk factors in...

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Assignment 6 - 1 - There are many risk factors in the life of Seung-Hui Cho that contributed to the tragic outcome of his life and death. Although we have led extremely different lives, and we have turned out to be very, very different people, there are also a few similarities in the risk factors we experienced in our pasts. The difference between me and Cho, however, is that for the few risk factors we do share, I was fortunate enough to have in my life many resilience factors to help overcome these adversities. Cho also had resilience factors, but these resilience factors were fare weaker, and they were not enough to help him overcome the many risk factors he faced in his short life. The first risk factors present Seung-Hui Cho’s early childhood undoubtedly played a role in Cho’s identity, and helped shape his temperament, family relations, and ultimately the course of his life. Cho was born in South Korea on January 18, 1984. He lived in a basement there with his family until he was 8 years old. His father was a bookstore owner, and his family was relatively poor. Even in early childhood, it is clear that Cho has many risk factors which may have contributed in a substantial way to the rest of his life. Cho’s family was poor, a major risk factor. It seems as if their living conditions were far from ideal, and with bad living conditions come many other risk factors as well, such as health problems and strained family relations. Also, being raised at a young age in the Korean culture, for Cho, turned out to be a risk factor. Although I am not extremely familiar with Korean culture, I do know that they are very strict, very reserved, extremely focused on academics (some would call them uptight), and far less permissive of anything they view as immoral. These cultural differences are evident not only in Cho’s childhood, but also in his college life, and even in his final videotapes that he made prior to the massacre at Virginia Tech.
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Assignment 6 - 2 - Although our early childhoods were very different, my early childhood also helped to shape my identity and life, and will continue to have an impact on the course that my life takes. I was born in January of 1986 (Cho is 2 years older than me) in a relatively rural area in Minnesota. My family lived in a house, and I had a younger brother and younger sister. My parents had an authoritative parenting style, which definitely served as a resilience factor. I was raised in a high socioeconomic status; I had everything I needed and many things that I did not need. My father was a lawyer and my mom usually stayed home to take care of me and my siblings. Although my parents place a high value on education, I would venture to say that they were not nearly as strict or
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Assignment 6 - Assignment 6-1There are many risk factors in...

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