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Questions, Reading 17, Equity - affirmative action and why...

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Alea Roach 10-17-04 TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion A05 Questions on “The Wage Gap” by the National Committee on Pay Equity 1) On page 227, The 2000 median annual Earnings by Race and Sex graph shows that Asian and Pacific Islanders Make more money than White people. Is this a correct observation or is my interpretation of this graph incorrect? If this is the case, then why do people argue that Asian Americans need to be included in
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Unformatted text preview: affirmative action, and why do authors in this DOC reader argue against systematic racism against Asian Americans? Also, authors in this DOC reader argue that blacks are “at the bottom of the totem pole,” however, by looking at this graph, wouldn’t one conclude that Hispanic people are the ones at the bottom? 2) What is page 229 about? What does it mean, what does it imply? I don’t understand it....
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