5.9.06 - Midterm: 2 sections. Midterm is on Tuesday, in...

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Midterm: 2 sections. Midterm is on Tuesday, in class. Entire class period is allotted but probably not necessary. Bring 2 bluebooks. 1) IDs – big ideas that have important impact on the way in which we study the psychoactive substance phenomenon. Define and state the importance of. .. ex. Policy costs and benefits. Questions may also be from the readings. What is the argument, the evidence, and problems with the argument of the author. Read each article for main points and big ideas and basic evidence, not extraneous details. Ability to recognize and state an argument and evidence. What evidence do we have, what evidence do we need. Articles provide evidence. Maximum 2 paragraphs. 4 worth 5 pts = 20 pts 2) Short essays – think about our analytical perspectives, evidence, make some kind of argument or analyze a statement. 3 essays, write on 2. know analytical perspectives! Thursday – brief summary of 6 weeks so that we can go into the midterm well prepared. This week in readings: money laundering. What is the role of money laundering in the system? Producer, supplier, distributor, consumer. For everyone except the consumer, the money launderer is the key player, because virtually everyone involved in getting a psychoactive substance to a consumer is doing it to make money. Drug distributors cross class lines and ethnic lines, any line you can think of, because drug dealers at the level of the consumer do that because they are worried about getting caught. If a gangster starts to sell to a board of directors, he will not get far. If a board member sells, he will be more accepted. Everybody except the consumer wants the money that is associated with the activity. The money is useless in large quantities unless you can hide its origins.
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5.9.06 - Midterm: 2 sections. Midterm is on Tuesday, in...

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