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The Honorable Senator Joseph McCarthy

The Honorable Senator Joseph McCarthy - The Honorable...

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The Honorable Senator Joseph McCarthy, May He Rest in Peace Forget everything you think you know about Senator Joseph McCarthy, I am about to reeducate you. Despite what you have been taught about Senator McCarthy in your high school history classes, Senator McCarty was a hero, and one of the greatest political figures of the 1950s. He exposed many Communist spies within the government during the presidency of Harry Truman, and since then, it has been discovered that not only was Senator McCarthy directly on target with his accusations, but there were also many other Communist spies within the United States government during the 1950s, the period of time preceding the Cold War with the Communist Soviet Union. Believe it or not, Senator McCarty started out as a Democrat, but switched parties because he was unable to get the Democratic nomination. Too bad, now Republicans get to take all the credit for him, you Democrats missed out. And undoubtedly, had he actually stayed a Democrat, he would not have been villianized by the media and the historians, rather he would’ve been honored as a hero, as he should be. Wait that wouldn’t make any sense, most Democrats (and most French) really are Communists. Nevermind. At the beginning of his career he became a circuit court judge. Although as a judge he was exempt from the draft, he resigned to join the Marines and fight in World War II. After becoming a Republican senator, his main accomplishment within his first three years was to almost single-handedly end the USDA’s rationing of sugar for wartime purposes six months early.
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