Air Show - Miramar Air Show Inspires Patriotism.Among...

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Miramar Air Show Inspires Patriotism…Among Conservatives Alea Roach The events at the Miramar Air Show were truly inspiring. This great display of American power and ingenuity exemplified by the amazing airplanes and pilots who flew them inspired patriotism in thousands of people who attended. If you’re a liberal, feel free to skip to the next article, because you will most likely never, ever be able to relate to the immense feelings of patriotism of which I am about to write. I am thoroughly convinced that liberals hate this country, and want to see it go up in smoke. Think about it: how many liberals do you see who fly an American flag, stick one on the back of their car, or wear one on their backpack? Why is it that the vast majority of people who attend events like the air show are conservatives? Liberals seem to shrink away when events like this come around, it’s like taboo for them. Why? Because they don’t want to see these planes; they know that these planes are not used for dropping flowers, bubbles and peace signs. They hate the fact that we are the most powerful country in the world, and we use our military power to help others and kill the evil people. The liberals have the constitutional right to protest and dissent from the views of the majority and the leading political party; such is the nature and exceptionalism of America. But when America tries to give others that right by freeing
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Air Show - Miramar Air Show Inspires Patriotism.Among...

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