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Questions, Reading 11, Sack - and faith that the...

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Alea Roach 10-10-04 TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion 05 Questions on “How Race is Lived in America” by Kevin Sack 1) What is exemplary about this church in comparison to the rest of the nation? Why can this church exist integrated so well, while other social structures can’t? What is the cause of this difference? 2) On page 148-149, Sack states “Yet for all the utopian imagery, for all the hope
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Unformatted text preview: and faith that the congregation has moved beyond race, the life of the church is still driven by race in countless ways. Sack then gives 2 examples of how there are still racial differences in the church. Are these examples really examples of racial differences (between people) or of cultural differences (between the two cultures)?...
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