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Questions, Reading 9, Kim

Questions, Reading 9, Kim - all countries In China there is...

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Alea Roach 10-10-04 TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion Questions on “Politics and Society” by Claire Jean Kim 1) On page 115, Kim argues through a quote of Gould, that “our racial thinking, conditioned by European ethnological frameworks of centuries past, is ‘subject to visual representation, usually in clearly definable geometric terms.’” How can racial thinking be always visually represented in a way that makes sense and takes into account all the necessary components for each situation? How can something as complex as feelings, ideas, and thought be legitimately represented by something as simple as a geometric shape? 2) On page 117, Kim states “Racial triangulation reconciled the urgent need for labor with the imperative continuing of White dominance.” It may be true that the U.S. had or even possibly has white dominance, however, this is the same in
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Unformatted text preview: all countries. In China, there is probably a history of Chinese dominance, and may even be Chinese dominance today. In Russia, Russian dominance, and so forth. One could argue, then, that in the U.S., there would be Native American dominance, however, the whites were the first ones to settle the land in a non-primitive way, like the rest of Europe and the modern world at that time. Therefore, one would only assume that in each country, those relatively native to that country would have dominance. If no country had any racial dominance within it, the country would split. Different races and cultures contradict each other’s beliefs and values, therefore, logically, one culture must dominate in order for the cultures to coexist....
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