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Questions, Reading 6, Williams

Questions, Reading 6, Williams - argues “the problems of...

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Alea Roach 10-10-04 TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion Questions on “Of Race and Risk” by Patricia J. Williams 1) In the second paragraph of her piece, Williams talks about “redlining.” Was this practice common? Wouldn’t it just be easier and much less suspicious to not include race or ethnicity on the mortgage forms at all? Why didn’t they do this? 2) In looking at the fact that the bank almost refused to give her a loan, Williams
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Unformatted text preview: argues “the problems of the new rhetoric of racism.” In analyzing the banks actions, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that it was not necessarily the bank who was racist, but rather, the people in the neighborhoods? Wasn’t the bank trying to watch out for its own financial situation? Regardless of right and wrong, wasn’t lending money to Williams a huge risk for them?...
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