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Alea Roach 10-10-04 TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion 05 Questions on “Ambivalent Reception” by Wayne A. Cornelius 1) In the second paragraph of his argument, Cornelius states “…public concern about ‘excessive’ Latino immigration has persisted.” Could the reason that the public is do concerned about Latino immigration be that because the United States is so geographically close to Mexico and so many Mexicans come into our
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Unformatted text preview: country illegally? If they don’t respect our immigration laws, why do they still expect to be treated as equals in all public policy when many, many Mexicans are here illegally? 2) Throughout this article, Cornelius uses the word “undocumented” to describe illegal immigrants. Is Cornelius using this word to emphasize his point, or is this just a word he used arbitrarily?...
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