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TSM115B_Homework#3 - Solving Technology Problems TSM 115B...

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Solving Technology Problems TSM 115B Spring 2014 Homework #3 Q#1. Scenario: Today is your first day on the job as a sales associate at a small business supply store. A customer tells you that she’s been having trouble finding a number of items in the store and asks you if the items are back-ordered or if they have been discontinued. Though this is only your first day on the job, you can easily find the answers your customer needs by checking the back- ordered/discontinued inventory report, which is stored in an Excel workbook. You want to sort the table so that you can easily check the items in question. Also, the store manager informed you this morning that all items beginning with an “AB” part number are discontinued. You have to adjust the table accordingly. To complete this scenario, you need to download data Hwk#3_Inventory Report.xlsx from Blackboard course site under Homework) To complete this independent challenge: a. Open the workbook Inventory Report.xlsx from your data disk and save it as Items.
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