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Questions Reading - Alea Roach TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion Questions on"A New Ideal and Why It Matters by Peter H Schuck 1 On page nine Schuck

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Alea Roach 10-3-04 TA Stephanie Farrar Discussion Questions on “A New Ideal and Why It Matters” by Peter H. Schuck 1) On page nine, Schuck states, “The not-so-subtle suggestion is that despite our superficial differences, we are all essentially alike beneath the skin, accent, or garb.” If different societies have different cultural structures, doesn’t this statement contradict what we have been learning in class, the idea that social and cultural structures influence people, their identities, and other social and cultural structures? How then, could we all be alike? 2) On page twelve, Schuck states, “In such societies, minority demands for special religious, linguistic, and other cultural rights, not to mention claims for political autonomy, inevitably arise.”
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