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A Modest Proposal Research Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Barbara Bengels 2006. The Explicator 65:1 13- 15. 5.05.18com.libproxy.ncl.ac.uk/doi/pdf/10.3200/EXPL.65.1.13-15? needAccess=true References to clothing – use of wordplay His concern over England’s economic strictures evokes a most recurrent and vicious pattern of imagery through the seemingly harmless vehicle of clothing Why did Swift feel it appropriate to use clothing as a vehicle for his satire Clothing was a prominent social and economic factor in eighteenth-century England. A survey of the notable literature of the time reveals a remarkable interest in its real and symbolic value: Moll Flanders, Robinson Crusoe, and Gulliver respectively view it as that which sets them apart from the rabble, the savages, and the Yahoos. “True Wit,” says Pope, “is Nature to Advantage drest;” and Three coats represent the three forms of Christianity in A Tale of a Tub.
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