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Digital Electronics Tutorial Sheet 5 1.* What is important about the ordering of the rows and columns in a Karnaugh map? 2.** Using a Karnaugh map, show that C B A C B A ABC B A C A . . . + = + + + . 3.** Read the relevant parts of the notes and text book to review “Product of Sums” and “Sum of Products” forms. Minimise the following expression for f using SOP and POS forms. State which form is minimal in terms of the number of gates, not counting inverters. f = 015781415 ,,, ,, , with don’t cares at 2 and 10. 4.** Use a Karnaugh map to reduce each expression to a minimum SOP form: a) CD C B A X + + = b) D C B A D C B A D C B A D C B A X + + + = c) D C B A D C D C AB D C D C B A X + + + + = ) ( ) ( d) ) )( ( D C CD B A B A X + + = e) D C D C B A B A X + + + = 5.*** A washing machine control circuit has 4 inputs: WASH, THERMOSTAT, FULL, EMPTY and 4 outputs: HOT, COLD, MOTOR and PUMP. When they are high,
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