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Study Guide for Quiz #2 Thursday, February 21 st Bring A Blue Book Reading Requirements: Ironies and Complexities Handout in Class (#36 on List of Links on course webpage) 6 Ideological Phases Reader, (Tables 1-34 and Figures 1-12) Schema 2.0 (#2 on the List of Links on course webpage), Page 16-34 Meyer-Sherman-Deeds, chapters 29 pp. (466-480) and Chapters 32-39 (pp. 511- 660) #21 and on, entries under the List of Links on the course webpage Understand who the following people were and their importance to our course:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Portes-Gil 2. Emiliano Zapata 3. Francisco Madero 4. Victoriano Huerta 5. Pancho Villa 6. Alvaro Obregon 7. Plutarcho Elias Calles 8. Juan Almazan 9. El Jefe Maximo 10. Lazaro Cardenas 11. LEA 12. JOLOPO Explain and understand the following events in Mexican History: 11. The Cristero Rebellion 12. Mexicos 1917 Constitution 13. Corporativism 14. CONASUPO 15. Mexicos Dirty war 16. The economic policies of LEA and JOLOPO...
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