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problem12 - synchronous LOAD input The signal TC is high...

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Digital Electronics Tutorial Sheet 12 1.* Show that a binary down-counter can be implemented using a binary up- counter. To do this, draw the transition table for a 4-bit up-counter and for a 4- bit down counter and then consider the relationship between corresponding bits in the two tables. 2.** A 3-bit synchronous counter with a synchronous CLEAR input is connected as shown below in Figure 1. Draw a state diagram for the circuit. Draw also the modified state diagram if the CLEAR input were asynchronous? Finally, draw the modified logic symbol. 3.** The circuit below in Figure 2 uses a 4-bit synchronous binary counter with a
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Unformatted text preview: synchronous LOAD input. The signal TC is high whenever the contents of the counter equal 15. The frequency of CLOCK is 16 kHz. a) If N3:0 = 5, draw a state diagram for the counter. b) If N3:0 = 5, what is the frequency of the signal OUT? c) Derive a general formula giving the frequency of OUT in terms of the value N. d) What is the frequency of the signal OUT if N=15? 1,2D N0 N1 N2 N3 CTR4 C1/2+ M2 1 CT=15 1D C1 OUT CLOCK Q3 (MSB) Q2 Q1 Q0 CLOCK CTR3 C1+ 1CT=0 CT 2 { Q0 Q1 Q2 1 Figure 1 Figure 2...
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