problem13 - 2 CT W X Y Z Type of D flipflop available R C1...

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Digital Electronics Question Sheet 13 1.** The symbol below represents a commercially available resetable counter. Show how you would make this counter using the D flip-flops (also shown below) and appropriate gates. DIV2 DIV8 A B C D CT=0 RCTR
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Unformatted text preview: 2 { CT W X Y Z Type of D flipflop available R C1 1D + + 2.** Draw the state diagram of the ring counter below assuming that it is initialised such that a) Q3:0 equals 4 and b) Q3:0 equals 3. 1D C1 ¿ CLOCK Q0 Q1 Q2 SRG3 Q3 DIN...
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