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Digital Electronics Answer Sheet 1 1. Digital data can be transmitted and stored more efficiently and reliably than analog data. Also, digital circuits are simpler to implement and there is a greater immunity to noisy environments. 2. a) Programmed control of timings of spin, wash, fill etc. b) Control of interactive operation via screen and control buttons; calculations required by the game. c) Generation of tones for dialling; automatic dialling from memorised numbers; (some models also use digital electronics for control of answerphone and LCD displays of call information). d) Control of interactive operation via screen, keyboard and mouse; control and
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Unformatted text preview: communication with peripheral devices like disk and printer; calculations required by the programmes; communication over the Local Area Network. 3. 4. a) rise time = 550ns, b) fall time = 600 ns, c) pulse width = 2.7 μ s, d) amplitude = 10V. 5. Serial transfer takes 8 bit time, i.e. 8 μ s. Paralle transfer takes 1 bit time, i.e. 1 μ s. Data transferred is: 01110101. When both switches are closed, Vout is 5 Volts. Otherwise Vout is 0 Volts. If a “TRUE” input means closing a switch then a “TRUE” output is represented by 5 Volts. 5 Volts Vout R B A...
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