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University of California, Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering Instructor: Stephen Mahin Spring Semester 2006 CEE 227 Earthquake Engineering Design Reading Assignments Topic Earthquake Engineering Borzorgnia and Bertero FEMA 356 Generally skim main material to understand how basic concepts from course are implemented in code language (Commentary is not usually essential, except as noted) Other Reading Other material will be distributed during the semester Introduction Skim Ch. 1, 8.1-8.2, 8.3.1, 9.1-9.2.2 1.1-1.5; Figs. C1-1 to C1-2; Tables C1-1 to C1-7 Chopra: Review 13.1-13.2; 13.7, 13.8 Engineering Characterization of EQ Ground Motions Ch. 2, 5.1 Skim 4.4, 5.4 1.6 Chopra: 21.1.1, 21.5; Borzorgnia and Campbell; Somerville Response of Simple Structural Systems to
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Unformatted text preview: Different Types of Ground Motion Development of Design Earthquakes for Linear Structural Response. 5.3.1-5.3.6, 5.5 Chopra: 11.2 Development of Design Earthquakes for Nonlinear Response. 5.3.7-5.3.10 Chopra: 7.5-7-9, 7.11-7.13; Aschheim; Miranda & Bertero; Miranda &Ruiz; Akkar and Miranda Procedures for Preliminary Design and Proportioning of Structural Systems. Skim Ch. 6, 9.2.3, 2.4. Ch. 3, Soil Structure Interaction 4.5 Skim Ch. 4 Code Related Issues 14.5, Ch. 15 2.6-2.7, skim 2.8, Ch. 5 (steel) or Ch. 6 (RC) Basic Performance-based Evaluation and Design Issues 7.3-7.5, 8.3.2-8.6, skim 9.3-9.5 2.5, Applications: BracedFrames Ch 16 Isolation Skim Ch. 11 Skim Ch. 9 Chopra: Ch. 20 Supplemental Damping Skim Ch. 12 Chopra: 7.10...
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