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HW6supp - CE 573 Structural Dynamics HW#6 Supplemental...

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CE 573: Structural Dynamics HW#6 Supplemental Problems Problem #1 Given : A popular method for limiting the effects of earthquakes on structures is to base isolate them; that is, to put in supports underneath the structure that isolate the main part of the structure from the ground. To understand why base isolation works so well, consider the following pair of structures . Structure (1) is unisolated, with and . Structure (2) is isolated using a base slab having a total mass and a series of rubber bearings having a total stiffness . (The building properties for (2) are the same as (1).) 3000 kg b m = 3 750 10 N/m b k = × 2000 kg i m = 3 50 10 N/m i k = × Required : (a) For Structure (1), estimate the maximum base shear of the building using the pseudospectral acceleration design spectrum shown below. (b) For Structure (2), estimate the maximum “base” shear of the building with respect to the isolator slab.
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  • Fall '05
  • Whalen
  • Earthquake engineering, maximum base shear, design spectrum, Structural Dynamics HW, shear frame structure, shear frame model

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