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Comm 203 - Cultivation Analysis: New Directions on Media...

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Unformatted text preview: Cultivation Analysis: New Directions on Media Effects Research. Signorielli and Morgan 30/09/2007 15:55:00 TVs mean and dangerous world Clark and Blankenberg found violence in 1/3 of sample of movies from 1930- 69 and of movies on tv Violence also prevalent in tv news, 16% of all news items Dominick found 2/3 of all prime-time tv programs contained some violence and 60% of violence = assault, armed robbery, murder Violence by strangers = more often than violence by someone known which is unrealistic Haney and Manzolati: tv crime and violence emphasize greed and other personal characteristics but rarely social conditions Smythe and Head: violence is one of the most prevalent themes n programming Williams and collaborators: children in communities where tv recently introduced were physically and verbally more aggressive The cultural indicators perspective Symbolic violence: make people do things they dont want to do but in an entertaining, painless way Tv confirms domination by white males Lessons of violence: fear, intimidation, sense of vulnerability People who watch more tv will express greater interpersonal mistrust and perceive the world as a mean place Methodolgy Message system analysis: o Examines data relating to violence isolated in programs and characters in annual week-long samples o Idle threats, verbal abuse, gestures without violent consequences not coded as violence o Acts of violence are coded o Agreement coefficient in analysis of .60 o 3 sets of observations: extent to which violence occurs at all programs sampled rate of violent actions per program and per hour involvement of major characters in violence- characters who commit violence, victims of violence cultivation analysis: o mean world index and index of alienation and gloom o alienation and gloom measured by: in spite of what some people say, the lot of the avg man is getting worse its hardly fair to bring a child into the world with the way things look for the futre most public officials are not interested in probs of the avg man. o Only if people agreed with all 3 statements were they included in calculations o Mean world index: Would you say that most of the time people try to be helpful or that they are mostly looking out for themselves? Do you think that most people would try to take advantage of you if they got a chance or would they try to be fair?...
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Comm 203 - Cultivation Analysis: New Directions on Media...

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