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Lesson 9 Homework Part I (Simplified) Answer the following questions in Chinese: 1. 你要买衬衫﹐你想买什么颜色的﹖ 2.你要买裤子﹐你要买多大的﹖ 3. 你要买车 (chē, car)﹐你想买美国的还是日本的﹖ Give Chinese characters for the following prices: 1. RMB 5.12 2. RMB 18.50 3. RMB 70.05 4. RMB 99.99 5. RMB 102.60 Translate the following sentences into Chinese, using the words in parentheses. 1. That large-size shirt is my older brother's, and this small-size one is mine.( ) 2. The yellow shirts are expensive, and the white ones are cheap. (adj. + ) 3. The medium red pants are RMB 68.95. Your change is RMB 1.05. 4. What size shoes do you wear? ( 多大 ) 5. The salesperson asked what he would like to buy? Part II Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate measure word: 件﹐条﹐双﹐本﹐ 瓶﹐位﹐节﹐封﹐ 篇﹐杯 1. 一______日记 2. 两______衬衫 3. 七______书 4. 两______课 5. 三______裤子 6. 五______可乐 7. 一______鞋 8. 三______信 9. 四______先生 10. 一______茶
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Complete the following sentences using the pattern "
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