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Kristin Junek-Thomas Paine's common sense essay - Kristin...

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Kristin Junek Dr. Tomek History 1301 11/12/07 Thomas Paine’s Common Sense In January 1776, Thomas Paine published Common Sense a major pamphlet using propaganda to argue the case of America needing independence from Britain. Paine used many reasons to appeal to the colonists of why monarchy was wrong, why splitting from Britain’s government was the best for the security and success of America, and how using the idea of enlightenment contributed to man having enough reason to distinguish right and wrong for themselves. Paine also avoided using Latin and classical phrases, and by doing this Paine recessed the idea that British control in the past was over, and that now it was time to create a republic. Through Common Sense , Paine was successful in appealing to all audiences including “protestant Americans, church going farmers, and craftspeople” (Ayers 153). Paine wrote numerous ideas down so that the colonists would finally see the wrong that had been shed on them. First, Paine used many contradictions about society and government. Paine explained that “society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness.” By starting off making strong distinctions between the people versus the government Paine was able to show the colonists that the government (especially the British) inhibits the colonist’s vices. Paine displayed society as being united by having citizens’ affections shown. On the other hand, Paine described the government as being a “punisher” using distinctive and controllable methods which were unnecessary. Paine stated that the “origin and rise of government namely, a mode rendered necessary by the inability of moral virtue to govern the world. ..” is the end of government and the end of security and freedom of the
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people. By using enlightenment ideas by John Locke, nature, and natural wisdom from colonists, Paine was able to convince ordinary working people that there was a need for separation and independence from Britain. Paine stated, “however our eyes may be dazzled with snow, or our ears deceived by sound; however prejudice may warp our wills, or interest darken our understanding, the simple voice of nature and of reason will say, it is right.” He used simple metaphors to compare the harsh restrictions and punishment brought upon by a monarchy by suggesting it IS TIME to break away from the English government. Paine also used the principle of nature stating “that the simpler any thing is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered.” Paine compared this with the constitution of England. Even though the English government was needed in the “dark and slavish times” and “When the world was overrun with tyranny” the same government was not needed now for the freedom of America. Paine made it clear that some of the political arrangements that have been successful in the past may not have been successful in the future. Another argument Paine used to promote independence was a simple absolute government versus
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Kristin Junek-Thomas Paine's common sense essay - Kristin...

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