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Intro to Philosophy 2101-001 and 2102-001 Instructor : Joel Bryant Office : Winningham 114C Office Hours : By Appointment E-mail : Phone : (704) 687-2907 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to explore the philosophical realities and social values that shaped western and world history. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding how philosophical ideas excluded some within these societies while marginalizing, demonizing even, others. Students will be expected to analyze materials contextually and critically. To facilitate discussions, short in-class writing exercises will be assigned at instructor’s discretion. Students are encouraged (expected) to challenge paradigms, while drawing parallels whenever possible with contemporary society. Students will be required to write brief in-class reflections on various readings at instructor’s discretion. REQUIRED TEXTS Philosophic Classics From Plato to Derrida, Forrest E. Baird, Walter Kaufmann, Editors Man’s Search for Meaning
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Intro_to_Philosophy_2102_1__1_[1] - Intro to Philosophy...

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