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Philosophy hw 1 - sin as every breathing person does but...

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Alexandria Hurt Mr. Youngren Philosophy My Philosophy I have always been told by those who know me very well that I “over analyze” and question everything. I am the type of person that doesn’t just allow things to be accepted just because it is considered by majority to be true. I want to be capable of believing something in order to maintain personal faith. Some beliefs that I have always had trouble understanding are those of the church . I am not claiming that I am an atheist, but I am simply not convinced that everything the church has taught me is completely accurate. But I have developed a philosophy of my own concerning religion. I have always been taught that we as individuals determine our destiny. If one lives a life of destruction and complete sin and does not treat others with the respect that all humans deserve, I believe that they will eventually have to suffer and will be punished. But those who do
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Unformatted text preview: sin, as every breathing person does, but learn from their mistakes throughout life and grow from their faults, and help and respect those in their life, I believe they will be rewarded and have happiness in the end. The church often teaches that those who do not attend church and praise their “father”, will be punished. I find this very amusing because I often notice that some of the biggest sinners I know are in fact very much involved in the church. This is why I decided that I needed to discover what I believe and follow the principals which I am most comfortable following. I know that I am not perfect and I do not believe that my principals are better than anyone else’s. But I do believe that we are entitled to practice what sets us free and makes us feel comfortable. I have no authority to make a decree that these things are true, but these are my philosophies....
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Philosophy hw 1 - sin as every breathing person does but...

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