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Evan D’Agostino Septemeber 26, 2007 BUS 348 Marketing Article Dell has recently agreed to sell computers to a major retailer in China this is a large step for Dell’s global market to keep up with competitors such as Lenovo Group , Hewlett-Packard who are leading in sales in China. Dell will sell computers in 50 stores operated by “Gome Electrical Appliances Holding in major Chinese cities, starting early next month, and will expand to other cities in the first half of next year.” Selling computers to this major retailer in China has already rose Dells shares by 11 cents, to $27.87, on NASDAQ. “According to the National Bureau of Statistics China’s growing wealth is fueling demand for electronic products. Disposable incomes of urban Chinese jumped 18 percent in the
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Unformatted text preview: first half,” Michael Tatelman vice president for marketing and sales for Dell global consumer business said “Over the next two years, the growth of the desktop market in China will make it a larger market than the U.S.,” The main reason for expanding globally to a major retailer in China is to increase revenue Dell sees that China’s income is on the rise and there is a great opportunity to marketing their Computers and possibly become the leading computers sales in China. This year, Dell has also begun selling computers in the United States through wholesaler Wal-Mart. “It also forged agreements with the Carphone Warehouse Group in Britain and with Bic Camera in Japan.” Dell has also planned to open its first retail store in Russia....
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