article 2 - more every ad is relevant he added and...

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Evan D’Agostino October 24, 2007 ID# 106003714 Bus 348 Marketing Article The 97 th conference of the Association of National Advertisers hosting 1,200 people was held Thursday through yesterday, heard speaker after “speaker address the growing popularity of what is known as behavioral targeting”, as opposed to basing pitches on consumer attitudes, opinions or perceptions. The new profound ability of new media to monitor what consumers are doing, like keeping track of which Web sites they visit daily, is gaining great interest in behavioral targeting. Several speakers also described how they were using traditional media to more precisely aim advertising at consumers based on behavior, through steps like tailored television commercials. The Microsoft Corporation chief executive Steven A. Ballmer said, ''The more we know about customer behavior, the
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Unformatted text preview: more every ad is relevant,'' he added, and “relevance improves the chances that a consumer will pay attention to an ad” The idea of this is that soon advertisers will be able to deliver personalized marketing messages based on online searches seeing which website you visit and what you are searching will give advertisers an advantage to market towards you. Home Depot is a company that is also stemming away from ''one size fits all'' approach using ads in mass media like TV and print but instead experimenting in behavioral targeting. Many companies like Home Depot and Anheuser-Busch are targeting certain markets with behavioral marketing with factors that go beyond age, gender and ethnicity to aim at customers....
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article 2 - more every ad is relevant he added and...

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