BUS 220 Intro to Decision Sciences Credit

BUS 220 Intro to Decision Sciences Credit - Note: Wait list...

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BUS 220 Intro to Decision Sciences Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: BUS Maj/Min or MTD/ECO/ISE/or CME major; BUS 110/111/115; BUS 215; MAT 122/125 or higher Note: Wait list capacity - 15 students 53964 LEC 02 TH 06:50-09:50PM JAVITS LECTR 101 Clark,R BUS 441 Business Strategy Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: BUS Major or Minor or ECO Major or MTD Major or CME Major; U4 standing Note: Wait list capacity - 10 students 54040 LEC 03 W 06:50-09:50PM MELVILLE LBR E4315 Casey,J BUS 360 Business Marketing Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: BUS major; BUS 348
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Unformatted text preview: Note: Wait list capacity - 10 students 53969 LEC 01 M 06:50-09:50PM EARTH&SPACE 069 Abbruscato,C POL 102 F&4 Intro to American Government Credit(s): 3 Note: Meets Skill 4 American History competence for students who matriculate in 1/04 or later 49524 LEC 02 MW 02:20-03:40PM LGT ENGR LAB 102 Lizotte,M BUS 358 Marketing Research Credit(s): 3 Prerequisites: BUS major; BUS 110 or BUS 115; BUS 348 54050 LEC 01 TUTH 02:20-03:40PM PHYSICS P112 Abbruscato,p907...
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