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ch4answ - Chapter 4 Answers to nontriangle exercises...

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Chapter 4 Answers to nontriangle exercises Exercise 4-1 1. a 3. a 5. c 6. d 8.d 9. b; “mature” likely means “too old.” 11. c 13. a 14. d; “a little wear and tear” 16. a 17. d; although it leans toward hyperbole Exercise 4-4 1. Dysphemism (a very mild one) 2. Downplayer 3. Hyperbole (but not very) 4. Not a slanter 5. Rhetorical analogy 6. Rhetorical analogy Exercise 4-5 1. Issue: Whether DeLay is mean and not in line with normal behavior among Texas politicians. 2. Position taken: Delay is mean and is not like other Texas politicians. 3. One claim defines “vindictive behavior” and then another claim is made that DeLay often behaves vindictively, whereas most other Texas politicians do not. 4. “By and large” and “quite often” might be taken as weaselers. “The Hammer” is a dysphemism. Exercise 4-6 1. Issue: Whether schools need to stick to their special work and not become social or political gadflies.
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2. Position: They should stick to their work. 3. An argument by analogy is given—a spectacularly bad one. 4. Not much in the way of rhetorical devices, except for the analogy with the eye, which is not really a rhetorical comparison but a bad analogical argument. Exercise 4-7 1. Issue: Whether this country’s political practices have recently been influenced by
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