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Assignment 4 - 1 Assignment #4 Rick's work with Jack...

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1 Assignment #4 Rick’s work with Jack Stuart’s ten collegians at the Rendez-Vous was a very laid back experience. Over that summer in Balboa, California, Rick and the other band members spent their days on the beach and their nights performing at the Rendez-Vous. The group focused on dance music to entertain the largely fraternity and sorority crowd that came to Balboa for the summer. Every performance on the weekend was sold out, and the band was even able to pull in a decent crowd on weeknights too. Within the first few weeks of the summer, the Rendez-Vous became well known as a great place to dance. Jack was very rigid in what he allowed the band to play, and only focused on popular tunes and arrangements, with little to no emphasis on personal creativity or improvisation. Jack did not like the music played by “coon bands,” which Rick was used to having learned to play with Jeff Williams. In contrast, Jack believed his band should play refined music for a “refined crowed” of college students. Clearly, Rick was the best musician of all the collegians in Jack’s band. However, since Rick was restricted in what he could play and “couldn’t get in any licks and couldn’t improvise, he [practiced on his] tone.” Nevertheless, the opportunity for improvisation came when the other players in the band would take turns going to dance with girls during songs. The band members would rotate from playing and dancing—but Rick played continuously. At this time, Rick began to work on his trumpet solos. It turned out that “every fourth dance, or just about every fourth
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Assignment 4 - 1 Assignment #4 Rick's work with Jack...

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