March 19th 08

March 19th 08 - March 19 th 08- 20 th century saw the end...

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Unformatted text preview: March 19 th 08- 20 th century saw the end of communism and saw the end of the cold war.- Critical turn around year of 1985 - Weaknesses up to this point were demographic, political, economic social, birthrate and life expenctancy was falling, too much money into military not enough into inforstructure, row of leader deaths, people in charge changed policy goals lack of stability and cointinuity- Everything hit a critical point at the same time, conjunction of events happen to explain all kinds of things.- At the very time soviet union needed a strong leadership and a continuity of policy- Soviet union had to generate all of their capital for investment from inside- Soviet leadership decided that all investment had to come from inside and had disasterous consequences for the economy- 1985- gorbachev came to power (was elected primier of the soviet union) - Gorbachev was 54, he didn’t really go through the war like Putin, they were post war leaders.- He had travelled around the world and was exposed to outside ideas- He was a real change in leadership, when you have 3 people dying in a 3 year people because 4 in a row sucks.- Gorbachev is very important, came to the position to the premier of the soviet union , secretary general of the communist party. - Oversaw the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991- This was not the plan, the real plan was to restructure, economically , politically, scially in many different respects to make sure it survived- He was more associated with western Europe then with the SU. - Gorbachev was influenced by the principles of euro communism.- Key principle – perestroika- restructuring. Attempt to restructure the ecnomy.. economic base was weak.- Defined the soviet econ as pre-critical, not in crisis yet but approaching. Believed that it was possible to actually get it and turn it around and to bring it into some kind of functional system. This meant looking at individual sectors of industry and so that there was relationship between supply and demand....
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March 19th 08 - March 19 th 08- 20 th century saw the end...

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