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JAN 31 PSCI SLIDES - The Bureaucracy and Judiciary The...

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The Bureaucracy and Judiciary - The cabinet in our history has represented the society. - Usually every province is represented in the cabinet. - Often a linkage between the portfolio and where the minister is from. - Representative body - This has an impact on how the cabinet works - Cabinet ministers often have a regional focus. - They might not consider the national issues as important as the regional issues - This produces inefficiencies because we often get larger cabinets then it is necessary. - In our house of parliament about 10% are in the cabinet. This sometimes gives us ministers without a portfolio. Some people are critical that this reduces the competency of ministers. - The cabinet performs a number of different functions but it is the buffer for the prime minister. - If something goes wrong cabinet takes the fall. Topics: 1. Introduction to bureaucracy - Bureaucracy speaks to organization or structure whereas the civil service speaks to the personnel within that structure. - It often has a negative connotation. - It is important to our way of life, without it we wouldn’t live the lifestyle that we live today. - Bureaucracy lets us have a complex government and society, it allows us to organize our political life and policies. - Government is possible without the bureaucracy, but good government is not. - It is associated with the rule of law, and without a good bureaucracy, there would be personal rule and people getting favors based on who they are - Bureaucracy also means good organizational capacity. - It can be defined as a form of a hierarchical organization intended to facilitate good decision making. - It always takes the form of a pyramid. Layers and lots of people at the bottom, middle managers and people on top. - Arbitrary is rule bound, they do not use their personal judgment they follow rules. - French – beaurou – desk, - ou- rule. “Rule of the desk” - Not just rules established, they are rules themselves, conventions of behavior. What the rules in any bureaucracy are will establish how good it is. - Lots of different organizations have bureaucracies - Railways were one of the first organizations with large scale bureaucracies - One of the classic examples is the church. - Armies are classic bureaucracies with ranks dividing into a triangle. - They can be structures in different ways; sometimes the pyramid can be wider or narrower but has to be triangle shaped. 2. The Canadian bureaucracy
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- Old political organization can be traced back to the time of the first census or tax collection. - Ancient Egypt and china had fairly advanced bureaucracies so was roman empire. - First full blown modern bureaucratic state in Prussia, first professional civil service, merit system, and civil service tenure. -
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JAN 31 PSCI SLIDES - The Bureaucracy and Judiciary The...

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