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MARCH 13 China

MARCH 13 China - China Topics 1 Chinas characteristics...

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China Topics: 1. China’s characteristics - Number of factors – history is important to study china, and its sense of itself. Most populous country in the world. Has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is a very old civilization dating back almost 4000 years. Thousands of years before the modern states of the world existed China has been divided many times Even when it is divided it is together. This history shapes Chinese politics today in Chinese society The history to understand how it works today It represents a large proportion of the world. With the exception of India nobody comes even close in population. Over population has been a long standing issue This population is also important it makes it a lucrative market and also a lucrative place to produce goods, a lot of workforce to be utilized More and more people are becoming prosperous and it is liberalizing More goods are available from foreign markets. It has experienced an incredible rapid development. 2. The development of the Chinese State Large military, permanent member of the United Nations security council Post communist- lots of liberalization from communism, period of transition Lots of economic freedoms have come to china 3. China’s political institutions Facts about China Population: 1.3 Billion (1st) Geographic size: 4th Ethnicities: 91% Chinese, but many ethnic minorities Capital: Beijing Major Economic Centre: Shanghai Head of State: President Head of Government: Premier Tittles that people hold don’t necessarily represent the power they hold. National GDP: 3rd Per Capita GDP: $7600 (US) (108th) Historical Development of China Lots of people moving from country to city Not a democracy. Can dislocate people in convenience. Can restructure economy a lot easier when you don’t have to deal with angry voters.
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Gone through periods of great power and great decline of that power. Has been a very powerful empire, and it has a sense that it is the centre of the world and politics. This vision has been there for centuries. 1700 (B.C.E): Chinese civilization begins 221 (B.C.E.) Unification of China Establishment of the unification of china under the Chinn dynasty Resulted in sophisticated bureaucracy and political system. Became more powerful and inward looking, remote. Things beyond its borders didn’t really matter. Superiority over time lead to stagnation and eventual domination by foreign powers. 1839-42 First Opium War Britain wanted open markets, better trade between Britain and china, Britain’s plan was to open china to opium that was grown in India. China resisted this, Britain went to war with china, and result was a decisive
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MARCH 13 China - China Topics 1 Chinas characteristics...

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