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MARCH 10 Democratization

MARCH 10 Democratization - Democratization(March 10 Topic...

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Democratization (March 10) Topic: What does it take to become a democracy? - Some countries make a transition from authoritarianism and others are stuck. - Factors like history of Canada, United States and Britain, oldest democracies. - Guidelines how countries can become democracies. - Not a process that you want to live through could be very difficult. Democratization Refers to the process of building a democracy following the collapse of a non- democratic regime. Causes of collapse aren’t important It is a transitional phase (democratization) Authoritarian government to a democratic one For democratic advocates goal is to consolidate, democracy to consolidation of democracy Goal is to build strong institutional and political culture that will support long lasting democracy. Has to be done so that no member of society would consider going backwards. Can only be considered fully established, when it is no way disputed. Lots of examples of countries that have appeared to have consolidated democracy to collapse and give way to dictatorship. Every country has own idiosyncrasies. Some may poses things that are opposite- loose framework. Factors Supporting Democratization and Consolidation 1. State Institutions o Most important factor. o Successful requires functioning state o Have to have territory that has boundaries governed by institutions. o Have to be a state in order to be a democracy o Without a state there can be no citizenship and without it there can be no democracy. o Transitions move from authoritarian to democratic state doesn’t already exist. o Elections to determine who controls the state. o In consolidation period you have tension between old elites and new, anti- and pro. State Institutions can incubate democracy Non-democratic regime Democratization Consolidation Lasting Democracy
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Allows democracy to grow and thrive. Eventually parliament becomes supreme and democracy is established. Have to be careful that opposition to authoritarian regime is not always democratic, might be different kind of authoritarianism Pacted transitions within the state framework Old democratic elite might give up might come with immunity from prosecution. Revolution from below People might rebel and take over state (democratic forces) ex some Eastern European countries from SU.
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MARCH 10 Democratization - Democratization(March 10 Topic...

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