march 27 o8 Nigeria

march 27 o8 Nigeria - Nigeria(March 27 Topics 1 The Setting...

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Nigeria (March 27) Topics: 1. The Setting of Nigerian Politics 2. Political Development of the Nigerian State 3. Nigeria’s Political Institutions - Most populous country in Africa. - Good agricultural land, vast oil resources. - Has potential to do well. - Following independence from Britain looked like it had a bright future. - It has become renound as an example of a country where everything has gone wrong - Since independence most of the time has spent in military rule. - Resulted in corruption - In spite of earning billions of year, it has nothing to show for it - One of the least developed countries in the world - Example of how wealthy can exploit a country - The long military rule seems to have come to an end in 1999, still tarnished with corruption. Fragile democracy at the moment. - Still lacks the rule of law, still recognized as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. - Some have questioned the Nigerian state. Does it have a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence? Lots of political violence. - The state is called into question in terms of its ability to control things and assert its authority. - Rival groups vie for the control of the oil. - Has an enormous debt despite of oil money - It also struggles because of its extreme diversity - Populous country, many different ethnic groups. - Until 1999 the military kept control of things by brute force and aggression. - Tensions have surfaced and continue to surface under a democratic rule. - Area of tension is the riff between Muslims and Christians. - Conflict made worse by global events and activities. Religious fundamentalism. More militant and less likely to compromise. - Some suggest that in the future it might become ungovernable because of its diversity and may become a failed state. Population: 131 million? (Largest in Africa)
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march 27 o8 Nigeria - Nigeria(March 27 Topics 1 The Setting...

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