nov 14 2007 - Nts get notes from Kristina (haloween) Nov 14...

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Nts –get notes from Kristina (haloween) Nov 14 2007 - social democrats key to the Weimar republic. - Centre party – the catholic party (one of a few) – party that german catholics rallied to - Left – communists, right – the nazi’s - Impossible to not relate nazi’s to the great depression - Communist party maintained fairly consistent support all the way through - By 1933 (the election) the communists were limited in their engagement of activities. – vote declined from 1933, compare to 1932. - Most dramatic was the increase in the Nazi vote. The depression as a period which was critical for the Nazi’s - they were never supported by the majority of the german pop - the most they ever got was 40 percent. - The nazi’s drew largely on new or uncommitted voters. - Nazi’s tended to absorb a large number of smaller parties. - Important that we try to understand what the appeal of the national socialists was at this time, without taking into account what we know about them later. - In 1932 and 33, ww2 has not happened yet, and many of the policies have not happened. - We are dealing with something that is quite different from what we know now. - Situation was fairly dire in the early 30’s - Among other things germans had one of the highest percentages of unemployment. - The german economy was effectively devastated by the depression. - Production and trade went down, unemployment went up. - Extreme hardship, on families, individuals - Politics of the last yrs of the Weimar republic – we can see that it simply began to battle with problems of unemployment, economy and crisis but it was unable to deal with these issues effectively - Nazi’s were gathering lg perportion of the vote, of 1932 and 33 , they were able to have Hitler appointed chancellor of germany alongside – Hindenburg who was the president of the republic. - Hindenburg – recognized as a war hero. - From about 1928 onwards, Nazis began to absorb smaller nationalistic parties, began to try to come to power through elections, because they tried trhough non parliamentary methods in “putch” of 1923 where Hitler and others led a march in Bavaria – Munich where they got arrested and Hitler got jailed. They attempted to come to power by force, non parliamentary means, etc. -
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nov 14 2007 - Nts get notes from Kristina (haloween) Nov 14...

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