March 15 - March 15 The Politics of Development Topic 1...

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March 15 The Politics of Development Topic: 1. What is development? - Sub stream of politics - One part of the world is developed and the other isn’t. - It divides the world into developed and under developed - Reinforces idea that there is a club of nations that is developed - Used as a barrier to keep people out, but at the same time to help countries out and become much more economically sound. 2. Political underdevelopment - Sometimes rejects the idea that there is more then one path that you can take to development. - The name we give to the less developed countries of the world has been problematic. - Some of the problems are that it might presuppose some kind of evolution. - Most of the underdeveloped countries in the south, for a long time this was called the third world. - One big problem with the issue of development is that it can occur on many different axes. Types of Underdevelopment Economic Gdp , per capita wealth, some countries are more developed then others Social/Human Does the country have or lack human resources, non partisan skilled civil servants, does it have a political culture that is democratic, does it have education Political Institutions that are working and are stable and legitimate Democratic Recent, is the country robustly democratic, liberal democratic values. What makes a Country “Less Developed?” - Corruption, economic wealth but no capacity to direct it to social gain - Maybe an economy is too reliant on a single resource. Economy If you are trying to feed your people and you can’t afford to build schools or hire teachers. Illiteracy/poor education If you have high levels of illiteracy you are not going to have a stable participatory democracy because people are not going to get involved, not going to have an educated work force.
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economic vulnerability Economic instability because you have a single, or very few commodities to the economy. It fluctuates over time. deep economic and social divisions Very rich and very poor, might not be conducive to development might lead to class conflict. Deep social development takes a lot of resources to manage this. political corruption
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March 15 - March 15 The Politics of Development Topic 1...

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