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march 3 The European Union

march 3 The European Union - The European Union(EU(March...

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The European Union (EU) (March 3 rd ) Topics: What is the EU? EU and Europe are two different things, EU is a political entity The EU’s political institutions Unique, remarkable and unprecedented in history Sovereign states giving up authority and surrendering to a central body. Sovereign states coming into a large umbrella called the European Union. This has become an agreement. Emmanuel Kant- search for perpetual peace, democracy, institutions, although he was around much earlier then the EU, it follows these peace tenants strictly. 27 countries, they are all democracy’s This is the first condition for joining the EU. European Union Facts Population: 492 million 3 rd Behind china and India. Area: 7 th Economy: 1st 23 official languages Logistical problems. Currencies: they have their own, and 14 others that haven’t given way yet. Euro + 14 others European law is based on treaty 27 countries They have all joined by treaty It is the legal thing that created it. Nothing more then a creation of many different treaties. European Union Member States - It is quite large. - Takes up the most territory in one flag in Europe, extensive borders. - EU started out in 1957. – THEN ONLY had 6 members - This is thought as a way to ensure the entrenchment of democracy in Eastern Europe. - The idea for Europe is as old as the Second World War. Except it was usually done through conquest. - After ww2, they started to talk about a federation in Europe. Winston Churchill wanted a united states of Europe, but Britain didn’t join until later. - Encouraged until the US. - 1951 -6 countries first signed the treaty. - The type of material in the treaty is not incidental. Used to be the European steel and coal committee. - This is because they wanted to share production of steel, so that nobody controls the war industries anymore and therefore cannot go to war with one another.
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