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PSCI 1000 Conclusion

PSCI 1000 Conclusion - Science Current Issues in...

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PSCI 1000 Conclusion Topics: 1. Conclusion to the comparative politics section 2. Conclusion to our study of Political Science (the Master Science!) Exam Format: Identical format to the mid-term Four Sections: 1. Fill in the blanks 2. Short Answer 3. Short Answer 4. Essay Comparative Politics Case studies and the comparative method Methodological issues -- quantitative v. qualitative “Caretaker” of the discipline of Political
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Unformatted text preview: Science Current Issues in Comparative Politics • Globalization and Technology • State Sovereignty • Convergence of Politics/States? • Development/Underdevelopment • Democratization • Peace/Conflict/terrorism/non-state violence • Political Culture International relations and comparative politics increasingly share many overlapping issues...
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