Mexico - Mexico Two Theories of Development Modernization...

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Mexico Two Theories of Development • Modernization theory -- emphasizes the importance of culture and ideas – change culture to change ideas -- concerned with internal factors e.g. industrialization • Dependency theory – pessimistic, local elites in West = comfortable -- emphasizes the importance of trade, the economy and international relationships -- concerned with external factors. Problem: how do countries get out of this development trap Trends in Development • the road to development has been more difficult than expected. There is no formula for helping countries to develop. It is intertwined with culture, economics, alliances, etc. • Africa is still the most underdeveloped region. It has lots of issues, e.g. Aids epidemic • Latin America has made great strides politically. – 1970s it was unlikely but they have become mostly democracies • Asia has had mixed success. – A lot of economic development, but not so much democratically • Development, stability and democratization are intertwined. No longer is the focus just on economics, we want development of civil society and democratic culture. Mexico – it is one of Canada’s largest trading partners next to the US Topics: 1. Political Development 2. Political Institutions • For centuries there was turmoil but after the Mexican revolution, it was very stable in Latin American culture, • This came from 1 party rule system. • It was democratic on paper but it was authoritarian b/c one party controlled everything.
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Mexico - Mexico Two Theories of Development Modernization...

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