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feb 11 - PSCI - The French-English Question in Canada 1....

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The French-English Question in Canada 1. Contemporary language use in Canada - the politics of language in this country, one of the most important cleavages in this country 2. Nationalism in Quebec - Where does Québec fit in, in Canada? 3. The Quiet Revolution - 2 main ways to language use– home language use, and mother tongue language use. - These are important because Canada is a democracy and people and votes matter because it makes a difference about how languages relate to one another. Home Language Use in Canada English: 67.1% French: 21.5% Other: 11.4% Home Language Use in Quebec French: 81.8% English: 10.6% Other: 7.6% Mother Tongue% English French Other Canada 57.2 21.8 19.7 Quebec 7.7 79.9 11.9 Ontario 68.5 4.1 26.1 Nfld. 97.6 0.4 1.9 New Brunswick 64.4 32.5 2.5 Alberta 79.1 1.9 17.9 History of Quebec Nationalism New France (1600s-1759) - Under the control of the king of France, referred to themselves as Comedienne, few generations before contact with France was lost in terms of social contact. - Isolated, very catholic, run by the catholic church - No legislation at this time, no news papers The Conquest of Quebec (1759) - by the British - change for the colony - signaled that they would be dominated by the English in the English language - English were a minority - Minority within the British empire - The conquest of Québec still resonates in Québec culture
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- Can still read it in Parti Québécois literature - Changed things politically, but not socially. - The king of England now ruled instead of the king of France - The British allowed the Catholic Church to continue its large role within the colony. - The colony was still catholic and French speaking and there wasn’t much threat of that in the begging. - There was no revolution of dissent at the time the institutions were allowed to continue - The British offered transportation back to France to those willing to go Confederation (1967) - the nationalism in Québec was defined as very defensive - goal was to preserve the French language and power of the province of Québec
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feb 11 - PSCI - The French-English Question in Canada 1....

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