March 17 - March 17 /08 Social Trends between 60s and 80s....

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March 17 /08 Social Trends between 60s and 80s. - traditions when we trace them back, we find they didn’t exist very long at all. - Since 1960s decline of religion. - Religiousity – the extent to which people are religious and how they factor god, or some supernatural being into their daily lives. - Sence that the scale of religiousity fell off from the 1960s and things became much more secular. We can take various events and trends as indicators of decline in religiousity - More secular attitude towards moral issues and the decline of religiousity - Church attendance has always been a common way of looking at religiousity, and what perportion of people go to church. - Church attendance gone up in NA in evangelical protestant denominations big suburban churches, Sunday preachers in television. - Never really caught on in Europe where predominant is still catholic and protestant churches - If you look at religiousity anyway you want to calculate it there has been a decline since the 1960s. - Secularization – most decisions that people make were based on the calculation of secular interestests over spiritual and religious interests. - Divorce and marriage and other family sexual issues are important not only because they are important but because they are sensitive indicators of other kinds of trends. - Divorce – 60s to 80s was growth of no fault divorce. - Meant that in order to get divorced you didn’t have to prove fault. One didn’t have to prove that the other was guilty of some kind of matrimonial offense. -
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March 17 - March 17 /08 Social Trends between 60s and 80s....

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