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psci elections feb07 08 - Elections (Feb 7 2oo8) Topics:...

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Topics: Organizing voters/gerrymandering Assessing Canada’s electoral system - Demonstrate the power that political systems have. - Electoral system is nothing more then how you organize the voters and the votes. - Electoral systems have a ripple effect because they will give you different results. - People who don’t like the status quo generally don’t like the electoral system - No such thing as a perfect electoral system. - There is a limit as to how much you can achieve just through electoral reform. Organizing Voters A1 - Dual community - one side votes one way, the other side votes the other way. How you organize the population can have different outcomes. Organizing Voters A2 Result: Blue gets 2 seats, Red gets 2 seats - 4 seats, 2 for 2 . Organizing Voters A3 Result: Blue gets 2 seats, Red gets 1 seat - one side gets 2 seats, other side gets one seat. Organizing Voters A4 Result: Blue gets 1 seat, Red gets 3 seats But they are equal in value. How you organize voters changes the outcome. - When you put voters in constituencies, it is a way to organize the voters. Gerrymandering - In order to get the best results electoraly- strange boundary lines are drawn sometimes. - No more gerrymandering because we have independent electoral committees that draw the boundaries. - All an electoral system is, is a way to organize voters. Single-Member Plurality (SMP): - first part the post ( British horse racing term, first one past the post wins in a horse race) - have to win the plurality but not necessarily the majority Canada’s electoral system Also called first-past-the-post. The candidate with the most votes wins the seat based on geography 380 constituencies- and we have mini elections. We do not have national elections. We vote in our little ridings. Advantages of Single Member Plurality
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psci elections feb07 08 - Elections (Feb 7 2oo8) Topics:...

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