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Michelangelo The ideal of the divinely inspired artist Rendering of the male body, knows anatomy Problems faced by the artists who came after Michelangelo o How can you follow perfection? Vasari is considered the first art historian o Lives of the artists, a series of biographies of artists in a chronological framework o Biography as a tool to understand the artist o Believes artists working before him form a progression of artistic achievement. 1 st generation 14 th century, Giotto and his contemporaries—did not possess the five qualities 2 nd generation 15 th century—lack visual judgment that gives grace, did not depict muscles correctly. Understood modeling and perspective and anatomy, but without grace. Harsh lighting, dry and feathery style (might be because of tempra) 3 rd generation high renaissance—the best style, according to Vasari. Has perfect on all five qualities.
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Unformatted text preview: Leonardo was part of this, painted figures that moved and breathed. o Five things he judges them by: Rule, order, proportion, design, and the ability to bring them together in a “fine style” o Calves a judge of manliness o Finer than those found in nature, surpassing nature, and objective of the renaissance o Invention original and unforced, cannot see him at work, point of being graceful is to not look forced. o Figures express the character of those people they represent, exterior matches the interior. • David o Vasari loved it, thought it was the best sculpture ever Synthesized lessons from the past into a single exemplary work • Sistine Chapel o Vasari said it was brilliant, restores light to painting and art. Appeals to the educated. Says Michelangelo was sent by God...
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