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Unformatted text preview: IR 100 The Linked Problems of Berlin and Cuba The Origins of Vietnam Oct. 15 and 17, 2007 Prof. Mary Elise Sarotte Dean's Office Midterm Feedback Please take and fill out the front side of an anonymous midterm feedback form. Then, on the back of the form, please indicate your TA's name and answer the following questions: What, if anything, do you think... works well in Prof. Sarotte's lectures? should be changed in Prof. Sarotte's lectures? works well in your section? should be changed in your section? Please return the form to a TA - thank you! Information about Pop Quiz As stated in the syllabus, there are no make-up pop quizzes Only one pop quiz grade will count If you miss both pop quizzes, you will receive an F for that component of the grade Only acceptable excuses: written notice delivered to your TA in advance of scheduled absence (for sports, ROTC, disability-related reasons) or medical written notice delivered as soon as you are well enough Upcoming due dates Midterm: Monday Oct. 22 (disabled students, check with TA) - remember to bring bluebooks Paper topic due: in your section, week of Oct. 29 Paper outline and bibliography due: in lecture, Monday Nov. 19 - note change of location on updated syllabus (on Blackboard) Movie on Nov. 21: "9/11" (2002), Director James Hanlon, filmed by the Naudet brothers Paper due: in lecture, Monday Dec. 3 Final Exam: Fri., Dec. 14, in this room (disabled students, check with TA) Dr. Strangelove IR100 Event Film Show (optional) Place: The Leavey Library Auditorium Date: October 16, 2007 Time: 6pm - 8pm RSVP: usc.facebook.com/event.php?eid=5034384962 Or email Kosal Monday Outline The Cold War in the 1950s, abroad and at home (see reading in Levine this week) McCarthyism The Space Race From Ike to JFK Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1954 U2 Spy Plane 50 years ago this month: Sputnik President Kennedy with Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara Dean's Office Midterm Feedback Total number of responses returned: 107 Answers to question "Does this course meet the goals stated...?" Yes: 82 Partly: 12 No: 12 Left blank: 1 ...continued Understanding links to contemporary events Understanding links to broader analytical concepts Practicalities: Information on requirements for paper, readings, specific modifications to course Wednesday outline, and key questions for readings: How did Kennedy face the challenge of leading the nation in the Cold War? From Berlin to Cuba to Vietnam: Proxy conflicts? What are the short and long-term consequences of his administration's choices? Cuban Missile Crisis Readings Blackboard reading: from President Kennedy's own secret tapes Further primary documents and overview in Merrill Key dates in the story of the "Missiles of October" 17-20 April 1961: Bay of Pigs April 1962: US Jupiter missiles became operational in Turkey 14 Oct. 1962: U2 photos of San Cristobal 22 Oct.: Kennedy tells US public on TV 24 Oct.: beginning of "quarantine" 27 Oct. (Sat.): key day, see reading 28 Oct. (Sun.): end of crisis Ho Chi Minh US involvement in Vietnam 1950: The United States began to support the French in their attempts to put down nationalist insurgency By the year 1954, the US was actually paying nearly 80 percent of the costs of what was still theoretically a "French" campaign in Indochina. 7 May 1954: massive French defeat at Dien Bien Phu Four Signs of a Thaw First, June 1963: American University speech Second, President Kennedy directed the installation of a telephone "hot-line" between Washington DC and Moscow Third, he provided active support for a nuclear test ban treaty, which passed the Senate with a vote of 80-19 in September 1963 Finally, in October 1963, in the month before his death, the approved the sale of $250 million in surplus wheat to the Soviet Union IR 100 The Linked Problems of Berlin and Cuba The Origins of Vietnam Oct. 15 and 17, 2007 Prof. Mary Elise Sarotte ...
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